Hi, I'm Leah!

I'm a student from the United States.

Sometimes, I write code that actually does something, so I put it on GitHub.

Some things I've made

Here is a small selection of my projects, and you can explore more of them here.

Beantown Bash

A 100-person hackathon in Boston, MA for high school students who love to create.
Participants created everything from animated storybooks to electrical engineering assistants.


A mobile app that notifies Newton Public Schools students when their teachers are absent.

TypeScript React Native Expo Mobile


A tool to create personalized NSHS schedule printouts for students and teachers.

TypeScript React.js HTML CSS


A simple yet highly customizable Fitbit watch face.



A custom online news site theme created for an NSHS school newspaper.

HTML CSS JavaScript WordPress PHP

Linear Transformation

An online tool that visualizes linear transformations.

HTML CSS JavaScript

Get in touch

Want to reach out? You can get in touch with me via email or find more contact info here.